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  • In my 25-year affiliation with the Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery, Christine Fowler Shearer has curated a series of highly acclaimed historic and contemporary exhibitions for our audiences. In January 2019, the OAC Riffe Gallery anticipates another curatorial knock-out show from Shearer.

    Mary Gray Riffe Gallery Director, Ohio Arts Council

    • Curatorial

    • Exhibition Development

      Design of a complete exhibition around a group of artists, a specific artist, or a theme. Exhibition services includes concept development, research, object selection, and written pieces such as labels and exhibition overview.

    • Collections Research

      Research of object or objects in a collection that can range from basic information to a detailed analysis and critical essay.

    • Critical Essay Writing

      A critical essay of an object or objects that will be suitable for an exhibition catalog or as content in an exhibition brochure, gallery guide, or web-site. Essays will include a detailed description, analysis, interpretation and evaluation of the work.

    • Catalog Design and Printing

      Design and printing of collection or exhibition catalog including the writing of content, digitization of images, layout and printing.

    • Institutional Planning

    • Development of an institutional plan from start to finish, including sessions for all interested parties and writing the plan. The final version of the plan will include mission and vision statements, overall goals, action steps to achieve goals, and budget expectations.

    • Collections Planning and Management

    • Assistance in development of collections management policy and overall plan that will focus the growth of an organization’s collections.

    • Administrative Services

    • Policy Writing or Revision

      Creation of new or revisions of existing policies needed for the overall organization, including but not limited to employee handbook, endowment policy, collections management policy, interpretation policy, and more.

    • Grant Writing

      Writing and submission of grants for specific projects.

    • Newsletter Design and Printing

      Writing, design and printing of a newsletter that reflects the organization’s mission, purpose and value.