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High-quality, affordable traveling exhibitions designed for regional museums and historic houses, university art galleries, and other small or mid-size institutions

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    • Traveling Exhibitions

    • Participation Fees

      Listed fees are for a standard 8-week period. Additional weeks may be booked for an additional weekly fee (to be determined prior to signing the Loan Agreement). Fowler Artistic will issue a Loan Agreement for the exhibition once a date has been agreed upon and reserved in the exhibit tour schedule. A nonrefundable 20% deposit payment is due 45 days after the contract package has been mailed; an additional 40% is due 90 days prior to the opening date or one year after the execution of the Loan Agreement, whichever is sooner; and the final 40% is due upon receiving the exhibition for installation.

    • Shipping and Insurance

      Unless otherwise arranged, Fowler Artistic will make all shipping arrangements. Venue must pay for round-trip climatized shipping except if the show has consecutive bookings, in which case consecutive venues share the cost of the venue-to-venue shipping leg. Venues to provide a certificate of insurance.

    • Cancellations

      If an organization cancels an exhibition booking, it is obligated to pay the entire exhibition fee and any other costs (e.g. shipping or storage) related to the cancellation, unless Fowler Artistic is able to secure another booking for the same time period. Cancellations of less than 90 days prior to loan will be liable for all fees and costs, regardless. Once an exhibitor signs a contract, the exhibition period is reserved and other organizations are prevented from hosting the show during that time.

    • Facility Expectations

      All Loan Agreements are subject to an acceptable facilities report. Lighting, temperature and humidity readings must be per American Alliance of Museums (AAM) conservation standards and must be monitored regularly. Please contact us for detailed information on expectations.

    • Condition Reports

      Venues must prepare incoming and outgoing condition reports on each piece.

    • Signage

      Fowler Artistic will provide individual object label and wall panel text as a Microsoft Word document.

    • How To Propose an Exhibition

      Fowler Artistic reviews proposals for new exhibitions periodically throughout the year. If you have a project that you would like us to consider, please contact us.